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Phase 1 of this endeavor is to effectively document the rapid explosion of new ideas in

the industry - and to provide the the context using our own experience and blend of

existing thought leaders to assist in building smart concepts and driving

efficiency while moving away from methods that don't make sense.

We hope to provide insight and provoke thinking through a combination of visual data,

in depth analysis, and interesting content.  Thanks for stopping by!




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By 2020 We Should All Be Booking Loads in the Future

By 2020 We Should All Be Booking Loads in the Future

Have you seen the movie Looper?  It stars Bruce “Won’t Retire” Willis, that Angels in the Outfield kid, and Emily Blunt.  The movie involves low-life assassins who are contracted to kill victims sent to them from the future using illegal time travel.  The killer will blow the target away, then collect the gold bars that were strapped to their bodies as payment.   Where are […]

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The Ways Getting Creative With Your Supply Chain Will Save You Time and Money

The Ways Getting Creative With Your Supply Chain Will Save You Time and Money

“Everyone is a genius, but if you ask a fish to climb a tree, it will feel stupid its entire life.” ~ Not Einstein If you wouldn’t request this of a fish, then why on earth would you of your supply chain network providers?  A truckload carrier is not going to save you money by consolidating 15 small shipments that all require delivery at 15 […]

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Cracking the Code: LTL Chapter 1

Cracking the Code: LTL Chapter 1

Habits and systems, when built and implemented in the right way, are powerful tools for productivity.  Ultimately, it’s a way to automate a human process which will conserve your cognitive load and reserve that mind juice for more important, high value decisions. This model can and should be applied to shipping LTL.  Seemingly simple, but with many factors at play due to freight classification, packaging […]

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QF Looks at Data Behind the Driver Shortage Issue – Myth or Validated?

Visualizing Your Company’s Freight Data on a Macro Level with Tableau

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