Voice TMS

Voice is the next big thing in technology.  There is no denying it now.  Amazon, Google, and many others are placing large swaths of resources into this space across a magnitude of industries.  What’s hard to tell at this point is whether it will stick around and lead to a massive reconfigure of the supply chain tech landscape; or will just be a one hit wonder…flash in the pan.

Predictably, things need to be tested first and until someone builds a viable voice platform to integrate with existing TMS software — the unknown will still remain unknown.

Can you picture it though?  Warehouse manager walking through the rows.  Just getting from point A to B.  It could be a long walk though – and they could be multitasking by asking the app on their phone the best rate on the two palletized LTL shipments that are waiting by the overhead door.  Rather than finding the time to sit down at their computer and perform some data entry, then analyze the results and make a decision — this entire exercise would merely be a conversation.

Of course there would be some level of machine learning built into the mechanism so that after a few weeks of use, the TMS would know the patterns and preferences and suggest options that could be answered with a yes or no.

The future is bright!

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